Cavachon Puppies From The Monarchy
100 May Brook Road
Holland, MA 01521

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The Monarchy lovingly and responsibly raises quality Cavachon puppies from pedigreed parents with champion bloodlines. These puppies are bred specifically for gentle temperament, sound health, intelligence and playful personalities. All of our Cavachon puppies are raised in our home. We shower our Cavachon puppies with love and affection and they will bring those qualities to their adoptive families. Our beautiful and versatile Cavachon puppies possess the characteristics that so many people are looking for in a companion or family dog today. As breeders, we know it is important for you to adopt a puppy that will be exceptional and outstanding from the rest . . . in beauty, health and pedigree. Our puppies, the finest quality Cavachons for sale, will warm your hearts. Prospective owners are assured of a lifelong relationship with The Monarchy. Owners of The Monarchy puppies will be invited to join our Community Network for owners of our puppies. Here you will discover wonderful opportunities to learn and share. Just for your information, these puppies from Massachusetts can be delivered to other states safely.

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Most Exceptional!

The Monarchy offers gorgeous, champion bloodline Cavachons. Hallmarks of a Cavachon include a soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic coat, along with an irresistible, sweet, friendly, lovable and intelligent nature. Being true hybrids, the offspring of royally bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and superb Bichon Frises, The Monarchy's Cavachons are known for their healthy vigor, not the congenital and structural defects so common in many purebred animals.

Our parent dogs are cleared for particular genetic faults, including testing for hip joint conformation, patellar luxation and congenital cardiac defects as is applicable to each breed.

We know it is your desire to bring the most exceptional Cavachon puppy into your life. Explore our website and learn about our outstanding Cavachon puppies and the pedigreed backgrounds of their parents.

Then, look no further, you have come to the right place!

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